Road Freight services come from experience in the field of land transport.
Thanks to collaborations with highly specialized business partners and professionals, develops road and intermodal freight transport solutions (short-haul truck) to meet every customer’s needs.
It offers full-featured, efficient, punctual shipping across Europe.

International shipping by sea and airport for a business without confines

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Thanks to the best industry experts and consolidated know-how, the offer also includes door-to-door services, including internal logistics, warehousing and distribution.

Integrated solutions for logistics strategic outsourcing

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The vessels owned and/or managed by GS World Ltd

Markets the vessels, owned and/or managed and operated by GS World Ltd to the shipping community and/or to selected companies.

Negotiates and signs shipping contracts, aiming to achieve the best result for all parties involved.

Contracts on voyage and time charter terms.

Prepares and circulates the daily open position list of the vessels of the Company;

Looks for suitable cargoes and negotiates the best employment for the open vessels;

When necessary, negotiates and employs vessels from the market, for the purpose of covering the contracts of  .GS World Ltd.

Takes decision for the periods on which the vessels on time-charter will be operated;

Approves and constantly updates the list of the Owners’ brokers of GS World Ltd;

Carries out market research and analysis, keeps up with the news in the shipping sector, i.e. indices, reported fixtures, important events and developments;

Projects and monitors the general chartering strategy in relation to the income from the operation of the vessels of GS World Ltd.

Analyzes the final results of the contracts;

Controls the original Charter Parties by all counterparts;

Provides and supports the continuous education of the personnel;

Participates in meetings with Charterers, Brokers, etc. Takes active part in shipping conferences.


The person in charge are specialists with a wide experience and extensive practice in operation, negotiation, and chartering of tramp and liner vessels.

The Department is directly subordinate to the Director Chartering and Operations and works in close co-operation with the operational and technical managers of the fleet.



The Operations Department is the heart of the management company and the focal point of all actions necessary to running the ships. Essentially, the department is the main coordinator between the owners of the vessels (the “Owners”), the company’s departments, the vessels under management, the charterers, and all third parties involved with the ships (ship agents, ship-chandlers, bunkering suppliers, shippers, receivers, stevedores, etc.). Among other things, the Operations Department is charged with providing post-fixture support to the vessels, to issue voyage instructions, to make sure that the ships perform as per the charterparty agreements, and to ensure the safe and efficient carriage and delivery of cargoes. In addition, the department must supervise the disbursement of all funds necessary to run the ships, arrange for freight / hire / demurrage collection from charterers, and arrange for the provision of the vessels with bunkers.

Among the key actions supervised by the Operations Department are cargo handling, port activities, pilotage, towage, wharfage, dockage, canal transits, conveying of cargoes, cargo handling arrangements, loading and discharging of vessels. Such hands-on operational involvement ensures that we are constantly aware of and in touch with current market conditions – which is vitally important in maintaining a competitive edge.


Although instructions are provided by the Owners, chartering negotiations is an on-going and dynamic process. Accordingly, the Chartering Department obtains and reviews daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports in order to assess market conditions and identify opportunities. The Chartering Department is responsible for screening various employment opportunities for their respective vessels, and takes appropriate action based on instructions from the Owners regarding which ones to pursue, negotiating terms and conditions of the contracts under which the vessels are going to be chartered and eventually entering, on behalf of the Owners, into a chartering agreement.


The Chartering Department also is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with reputable chartering brokers and various charterers.